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natalie paige

Weddings & Private Events

Thinking about booking live music for your next special occasion?

Whether it's a wedding, cocktail hour, birthday party, or just a reason to gather friends and family with music and merriment, great music custom-fit for your space will set the tone for the memories to come. Let's make it perfect!



Available for Ceremonies

Live music brings a unique intimacy to ceremonies large and small. 

Cocktail Hour / Receptions

Looking for something festive and personal for your reception/cocktail hour? We've got you covered!

Let us know how we can make your special day perfect with a free consultation below!


Private Events

Want to set your next celebration apart with live music? We've got your back!

Whether you're looking for a gentle ambiance of easy-listening that blends into the background, something upbeat and fun to liven up the air, or anything in between, we curate our song-list special for each performance to make sure we fit your event seamlessly. 

Book a free consultation to see how we can make it perfect!

  • Free consultation to chat and see if we'd be a good fit for your event...

    1 hr


Book a 60 minute call to get connected and dive into the details of your event, or use the Contact Form to send a quick message via email.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Solo Performance | Duo Performance

Book Natalie Paige as a solo performer for more intimate performances; while offering a diverse multi-genre set-list of covers and original music, a solo performance will be more ballad-focused and better for quieter spaces.

As a duo, Natalie Paige is accompanied by her husband Anthony Lee Phillips, whose electric guitar and vocal harmonies elevate the performance with a larger variety of music. Featuring lively guitar with roots in jazz and blues and an expanded songlist, the duo package is suitable for a wide range of events and atmospheres.

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Natalie Paige

My focus as an artist has always been through use of my voice. My guitar playing ranges from gentle finger picking to easy-listening strumming to lay a foundation for inspired vocals with a texture reminiscent of favorites such as Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell. My goal as a performing artist is to seamlessly fold into the room and provide music that can blend in or stand out as needed.

Favorites in our songlist include: Don't Know Why (Norah Jones), My Same (Adele), Harvest Moon (Neil Young)

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Anthony Lee Phillips

Anthony Lee Phillips is best known for his prolific guitar playing, drawing from a wide variety of inspirations in jazz, blues, and rock. Often compared to Jeff Buckley and John Mayer, Anthony's musical agility and creativity are perfect for turning basic four-chord songs into refreshing arrangements and turning up the heat with inspired solos. With an unmatched ear for vocal harmony, there's little he can't do to liven up any song!

Favorites in our songlist include: Crazy for You (Adele), Chardonnay (Natalie Paige), Mile on the Moon (Sarah Jarosz)

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